As the new school year is about to commence, ACS Athens is very excited to welcome its new faculty on campus!

Through the New Faculty Orientation Program, organized and executed by the ACS Athens Professional Development team, all new hires have the opportunity to introduce themselves, share thoughts, ideas, and concerns, and of course to get a good first feel of the ACS Athens culture.  

Part of the NFOP includes Orientation Week, during which new hires have meetings with all Area Leaders so as to get acquainted with ACS Athens operations and processes.

This year, Orientation Week takes place from August 24 to 28, at the end of which all new faculty will meet up with their mentor and supervisor, and also take place in an evaluation survey sent by the Professional Development team.

Adapting to the current pandemic situation, Orientation Week is also practicing "Social Distancing". As Ms. Andromachi Fragkou, HR Officer and Professional Development Co-Coordinator explains, "This year, for the first time, everything is transferred to a virtual environment, so all sessions are delivered virtually through BBB on Moodle. We are really happy to see all the new faculty participating, and we would like to thank everyone for joining us in the New Faculty Orientation Program." 

ACS Athens extends a big "Welcome" to all new faculty!