ACS Athens hosted the SCIS Middle School swim event this past weekend. 110 athletes participated in this event, with 10 schools giving their best effort during the two days of competition. Thank you to all housing families for accommodating the 96 visiting athletes! Congratulations to our middle school team for receiving a number of medals in the individual and relay events:

Kimon Mygdalis

100M breaststroke - 3rd place

50M breastroke - 3rd place

Evan Paneras

200M freestyle - 3rd place

Amaryllis Antonopoulou

50M backstroke - 2nd place

50M butterfly - 3rd place

100M backstroke - 3rd place

Angelos Kollilekas

50M backstroke - 1st place

100M freestyle - 3rd place

200M medley relay

ATH boys - 1st place

Angelos Kollilekas, Kimon Mygdalis, Evan Paneras, Peter Sfinias

200M freestyle relay

ATH boys - 1st place

Alexandros Eliades-Vlachakis, Angelos Kollilekas, Evan Paneras, Peter Sfinias

Well done to our boys team for finishing in 2nd place overall and to the entire ACS Athens team for receiving the Sportsmanship Award!

At the same time, our high school team competed in Warsaw, Poland giving their best effort against 8 other schools. Congratulations to our team for placing 2nd in the boys category and to our students for receiving medals in their individual and relay events. Great effort and performance by all team members!

Anastasis Makris

200M freestyle - 3rd place

50M breaststroke - 2nd place

100M breastroke - 2nd place

Michael Chatziantoniou

100M backstroke - 1st place

50M backstroke - 1st place

Nestor Macdonald

50M butterfly - 2nd place

200M medley relay - 2nd place

Nestor Macdonald, Anastassis Makris, Michael Chatziantoniou, Pandelis Sfinias

Stella Argentopoulou

100M freestyle - 3rd place

50M backstroke - 3rd place

Athanasia Polizos

400M freestyle - 3rd place

200M freestyle relay - 3rd place

Nestor Macdonald, Pandelis Sfinias, Jason Papaioannides, Anastassis Makris

Our next swimming event, is just around the corner with the ACS Athens International Swimming Cup taking place on March 1-2, 2019!