The ACS Athens Middle School Tennis players had the opportunity to compete against Campion students on May 19th and it was a fun-filled event. Despite the adverse weather conditions prior to the beginning of the day, it ended up being a beautiful day for tennis!

The students were happy to be on the courts, after a two year absence of competition! Their excitement was evident throughout the day and their performance mirrored their improvement for the season. The results in all the categories are:

Girls Doubles

  • 1st Place - Eva Diamanti and Chrysoula Karakostanti
  • 3rd Place - Elpida Anastasia Chisimelis and Sofia Kalliopi Zorzou

Girls Singles

  • 1st Place - Elly Gerontikos
  • 2nd Place - Nefeli Martsaki

Boys Doubles

  • 2nd place - Ermis Koumentakis Fokas and Phillipo Mavroleon
  • 3rd place - Manolis Georgakopoulos and Sotiris Minogiannis

Boys Singles

  • 2nd Place - George Glavas

 Congratulations to all our young tennis players and their coaches.