We would like to inform you that the following athletic events scheduled to take place in March (local and international) have been cancelled due to the coronavirus situation:

  • International Swimming Cup at ACS Athens (March 6-7)
  • Varsity Boys Basketball Local Tournament  (March 9)
  • Varsity Girls Basketball Local Tournament (March 10)
  • ISST Boys Basketball Championships at ACS Athens (March 12-14) / Therefore no housing is needed by our community
  • ISST Girls Basketball Championships in Paris (March 12-14) 
  • ISST Swimming Championships in Brussels (March 13-14)

All schools have followed administrative and local authorities directives keeping in mind the importance of precaution as well as the safety and wellbeing of all those involved.

While this has caused a great deal of disappointment, at this point, the cancellation of the events was inevitable.


The Athletic Department