This past week, ACS Athens hosted two tennis tournaments with the participation of St. Lawrence, St. Catherine's and Campion School. The first tennis tournament catered to our Middle School students and our players faced fierce competition; congratulations to Angelina Glava for winning first place in the girls singles category and to Kyriako Kyriakou and Sotiri Minogianni for their second place in the boys doubles event. Great effort by all the Middle School tennis players.

Two days later the Under 18 tournament took place and our Academy players had great performances. In the girls singles category, Elli Gerontikou and Deniz Karvouni earned the gold and bronze medals, respectively Gold medals were earned in the Girls and Boys doubles as well by Iris and Chloi Papakonstantinou and Konstantinos Chisimellis and Giorgio Glavas. In the boys doubles category Ioannis Kolliopoulos and Ermis Koumetakis-Fokas finished in second place and Philipos Mavroleon and Angelo Bologna earned the bronze medal.

Well done tennis players and coaches!