It is with deep regret that the ISST heads of schools have decided to cancel the ISST 2020 Spring athletics season. While we strongly believe in the power of team sports to develop many aspects of young peoples' social, physical, emotional, and mental identities, we also believe that our schools have a responsibility and an obligation during the current pandemic to limit travel and physical interaction. As of today, 25 March 2020, a great deal of uncertainty pervades our plans for school operations in April and May 2020. Under these extraordinary circumstances, we believe that a cancellation of the tournaments and the season is unavoidable. In acknowledgement of the loss this cancellation engenders for our senior athletes, we encourage the Athletics Directors of our Association's schools to consider possibilities for an association-wide form of recognition and/or experience for our graduating athletes.

All of our schools have expressed their continued commitment to the ISST organisation, and we look forward very much to future collaboration and competitions.