In the last few days, the ACS Athens boys and girls soccer, volleyball and cross country teams participated in their final international competitions, the ISAA championships. These took place in Barcelona, London, Brussels and Athens! The student athletes made some great memories and also achieved very good results for ACS Athens!

The soccer teams had an amazing experience in Barcelona as both the boys and girls teams had the opportunity to play in a world class training facility! The Varsity Boys Soccer team finished in 4th place with some tough losses in their schedule. Congratulations to Philip Kurantowicz and Ioannis Maris for making the all tournament team!

The Varsity Girls Soccer team returned with the bronze medal! The seniors, Evgenia Dourida, Anastasia Riga and Themis Soukakou made the all tournament team - what a great way to finish their high school soccer career!

The Varsity Boys Volleyball team  put up a great fight in London as the competition was fierce; they had some exciting matches and came back with the bronze medal! Congrats to Silas Cymbaluk and George Petrantonakis who made the all tournament team!

In Brussels, the Cross Country team had to deal with some unusual weather conditions (unlike the weather in Athens!); it was cold, rainy and muddy but nevertheless gained some great running experience in a demanding course! The JV Boys team placed 1st and the JV girls team, the Varsity boys and girls teams all finished in 3rd place. Overall , the ACS Athens cross country team finished in 3rd place with some "personal best" performances from individual runners. The cross country team came back home with the Sportsmanship Trophy - a great honor!

Lastly, ACS Athens hosted the ISAA Girls Volleyball tournament with the participation of five schools, there was a packed gym full of Elementary, Middle and Academy students cheering for the Varsity Girls Volleyball team!  An unbelievable sports atmosphere that will be remembered by many!  After some exciting and thrilling matches, the girls got 1st Place! Congrats to Sofia Spanoudaki and Maria Gnardelli for making the all tournament team!

Congratulations to all athletes and coaches for a very successful and memorable fall sports season!