This upcoming Academic year, our student-athlete Ioannis Giannoultsis will continue his high school studies at the IMG Academy, the "World's Most Advanced Sports & Educational Institution." Ioannis was recruited this past summer and will move to Bradenton, Florida to chase his dreams in both academics & basketball.

Ioannis, who comes originally from the northern Greek city of Edessa, moved to Athens two years ago, after receiving one full athletic/academic scholarship from ACS Athens of the “Hasib Sabbagh Scholarships". During his years at ACS Athens, Ioannis contributed to the great successes that the school's Varsity Boys Basketball team experienced, by winning several medals in International Competitions. He was also named "MVP" in the 2018-2019 season. Ioannis' hard work and dedication, supported and assisted by the ACS Athens counselors and coaches, has empowered him for the unique opportunities of his future.

ACS Athens is proud of Ioannis and wishes him the best of luck in his career!