The ACS Athens Varsity tennis team returned from the Hague and the ISAA Tennis Championships hosted by the British School of the Netherlands as Champions facing tough competition with seven other International Schools. Some very good tennis matches took place and both our boys and girls had a strong presence in the medal matches of almost all the categories: 

Boys Singles: 1st Place: Victor Mohanram Martinez
Girls Singles: 1st Place: Elli Gerontikou
Boys Doubles 1: 3rd Place: Manolis Georgakopoulos / Giorgos Glavas
Boys Doubles 2: 4th Place: Sotiris Minogiannis / Ermis Koumentakis Fokas
Girls Doubles 1: 1st Place: Angelina Glava / Maya Mohanram Martinez
Girls Doubles 2: 1st Place: Lydia Gerontikou / Iris Papakonstantinou

Congratulations to the entire team for the individual performances as well as for clinching the Championship title.

Not far from the tennis competition, the International School of Eindhoven hosted the ISAA Track and Field Championships where eight schools competed in a number of events. Our athletes competed in a beautiful Track and Field facility and the experience was tremendous. A total of 30 ACS Athens athletes competed in running, jumping and throwing events; their efforts brought them a total of 20 gold, 16 silver and 18 bronze medals across both categories (Varsity and Junior Varsity). Our overall placement was 2nd, not far behind this year's champions, Cairo American College.

JVB (1st overall) - 8 gold, 5 silver, 6 bronze
Antonis Dimitropoulos (4 gold, 1 bronze)
Haokun Zhao (3 gold, 1 silver)
JVG (2nd overall) - 3 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze
Niki Saridaki (1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze)
Aretha Manta (2 Gold, 1 silver)
VG (2nd overall)  - 4 gold, 4 silver, 5 bronze
Eugenia Dourida (3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
VB (3nd overall) - 5 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze
Alexandros Theodorakis (4 gold)
Ioannis Maris (3 gold, 1 bronze)

Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches!