The Athletic Department of ACS Athens recently organized its first-ever virtual sports activity event, the  ACS Athens Virtual 3K Run/Walk, an event organized for the Fall sports teams and the ACS Athens Faculty and Staff which took place over a period of ten days to accommodate everyone's busy schedules!

With the sudden announcement of the lockdown, the purpose of this initiative was to provide a "physical" opportunity for the fall season student-athletes and coaches to stay connected and at the same time "compete" in some form; either individually by challenging themselves to run or walk fast to the best of their ability, or in teams (to see which team had the best average times). Even if competition, as it is perceived in the actual sports world, may not have been on some people's mind,  everyone contributed points to their spirit houses just by participating and having fun!  

The  ACS Athens Virtual 3K Run/Walk was also an opportunity for the ACS Athens faculty and staff to be involved and support their houses; approximately 50 faculty and staff from Elementary, Middle, and Academy and other departments joined us in a collective effort to promote school spirit. It was indeed incredible to see their excitement in doing so!

Upon returning to school, everybody will receive a participation medal and an event T-shirt - the digital certificate is already on its way!

Kudos to all those that participated!  Congratulations to the High School Cross Country Team, the Varsity Boys Soccer Team, and the Middle School Cross Country team for placing in the top three spots in the team rankings. Congratulations to the Athenians for winning the House competition! 

ACS Athens is looking forward to the next sports event, either virtual or face to face!

You can click on the links to view the Results and Photo Gallery.