On March 6th, the ACS Athens Varsity Boys Basketball team traveled to the Hague in the Netherlands to compete in the Division I ISSTs, the final tournament of the season. While still on the plane, the co-pilot who happens to be an ACS Athens alumnus and former student-athlete, pleasantly surprised the team with a public announcement, wishing our team the best of luck in the tournament!

With such positive vibes right from the beginning, the team started the tournament strong with wins against St. Johns (88-32) and Frankfurt International School (81-60). In the quarterfinals, ACS Athens won against the American School of London (76-47) and qualified to the semifinals, where our boys faced the team of ACS Cobham (88-44). Another important win for the team and ACS Athens was in the Championship Game with Zurich International School! After a close first half, ACS Athens managed to secure a strong lead with all players giving their best, and they were announced CHAMPIONS! 

Our team also received four all-star recognitions (Petros Papadimitrakopoulos, Jason Papadopoulos, Konstantinos Rallatos, Stefano Spassof), while Jason Papadopoulos was the recipient of the Scott Baillie Award for the second year in a row. 

Congratulations to all players and coaches for a great and memorable season!