Five student-athletes and members of the ACS Athens Athletics Council (Anne- Marie Martinou, Kaya Ketter, Francesca Kouroupos, Will Laitinen, and Tomasso Allocci) participated in the "Globetrottin' ADs Student-Athlete Leadership Conference" that took place on Friday, February 12th. The student-athletes determined the project's topic, and the preparation took place over a period of approximately six weeks. The student-athletes were guided by ACS Athens Director of Athletics, Ms.Annie Constantinides, and Athletics Administrative Assistant Ms. Ria Pateraki.

The ACS Athens Athletic Council members presented on "ACS Athens promoting equity in quality education through Sports: Academic-Athletic Scholarships". Through media and interactive conversation, the students focused on the mission of the ACS Athens Academic-Athletic Scholarship program, the ways it promotes holistic educational opportunities to student-athletes, and how the program contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations - S.D.G.) of gender equity and equal opportunity in quality education. The students reached out to ACS Athens student-athlete alumni who received the academic-athletic scholarships through the years. Through their interviews, a comprehensive conclusion regarding the benefits of the program was presented!

As Ms.Annie Constantinides commented, "I am very proud of our student-athletes: In the first-ever Student-Athlete Leadership Conference, ACS Athens had a strong presence! To my knowledge, 16 schools were presenting and close to 100 schools across the globe as viewers! Congratulations, Kaya, Will, Francesca, Anne Marie, and Tomasso! Well done!"

Congratulations to ACS Athens Athletics Council members for such an informative, holistic and inspiring presentation!

To watch the recorded video of the Leadership Conference, please click here.