Student Distinctions

Student Highlights from the International Media Literacy Festival

At the forefront of educational innovation, ACS Athens recently hosted the first International Media Literacy Festival, a transformative event aimed at fostering creativity, critical thinking, and global citizenship. This festival brought together students, educators, and media enthusiasts from around the world to explore the dynamic intersection of media literacy, STEAM education, and social responsibility.

One of the highlights of the festival was the highly anticipated Media Production Competition. This competition provided a unique platform for students to showcase their creativity through various media formats. Participants were given the opportunity to unleash their imagination and harness the power of media to address pressing real-world challenges. From captivating films to thought-provoking podcasts, they embraced their roles as creators and expressed their unique perspectives on a diverse array of topics.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following students for their exceptional contributions in their respective categories:

Category: Film

The Film Category encouraged students to express their creativity through visual narratives, highlighting the power of filmmaking in conveying messages and ideas. By engaging in this category, students learned to effectively communicate complex concepts and themes through the art of cinematic storytelling.

Distinguished Student: Lincoln Burger
School: ACS Athens
Project Title: Koda and Chris Go Camping in the Wondrous Forest

Category: Documentary

Through the Documentary Category, students were challenged to utilize media as a tool for investigative journalism, fostering critical thinking and awareness of social issues through factual and informative content. By engaging with documentary filmmaking, students developed research and analytical skills, enabling them to become informed global citizens who advocate for positive change.

Distinguished Student: Derin Gunsur
School: Hisar School, Istanbul
Project Title: AI Interview with Teachers

Category: Animation

The Animation Category focused on harnessing the power of animation to convey narratives and ideas. Through this task, students cultivated imagination and creativity and developed technical skills in media production.

Distinguished Student: Josie Holmgren
School: ACS Athens
Project Title: A Maelstrom

Category: Podcast

Podcasting offers students a platform to explore the realm of audio storytelling, enabling them to voice their opinions and engage with diverse topics. By participating in this category, students enhanced their communication skills and media literacy, fostering a deeper understanding of complex issues and promoting dialogue and collaboration.

Distinguished Student: MIL Club
School: Pierce - The American College of Greece
Project Title: How can social media promote SDG targets?

Category: Accessibility

The Accessibility Category underscored the importance of creating inclusive media content that is accessible to all audiences. By focusing on accessibility, students learned to design media productions that are inclusive and respectful of diverse perspectives and abilities.

Distinguished Student: Shaya Ehteshamzad
School: ACS Athens
Project Title: The Science Lab

These remarkable students exemplify the core values of ACS Athens, which are deeply rooted in excellence, creativity, and global citizenship. By empowering students to express themselves through media and encouraging them to address pressing social issues, ACS Athens is actively shaping a future where creativity flourishes and informed voices lead the way.

Overall, the International Media Literacy Festival was a resounding success, showcasing the incredible talent and innovation of students from around the world. Through their creative endeavors, these students are not only shaping the future of media but also making a tangible and positive impact on society. As we look ahead, let us continue to support and celebrate the next generation of media creators and changemakers!

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