Audio Category:

Best Audio Creation: Presented to the most outstanding audio project that effectively communicates the festival's theme, demonstrates excellence in sound design, and engages listeners.

Innovation in Sound: Acknowledges an audio creation that showcases imaginative soundscapes, pioneering use of audio technology, and innovative storytelling through sound.

Other Media Formats:

Innovation in Other Formats: Celebrates creativity and originality in media forms beyond video and audio, such as animation, interactive digital media, and more.

Cross-Disciplinary Excellence:

Integration of STEAM and AI: Awarded to the project that best embodies the seamless integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and AI to convey a powerful message.

Sustainable Development Champion:

SDG Advocacy Award: Recognizes a project that passionately addresses and advocates for specific Sustainable Development Goals, driving meaningful awareness and positive action.

Overall Festival Impact:

Festival Impact Award: Presented to the submission that resonates deeply with audiences, engages communities, and inspires tangible change on a local or global level.