Wang, Yi-Nai, Faculty, Chinese Language

Ms. Wang is originally from Taiwan. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree from the National Taipei Institute of the Arts (1994), where she studied Piano Performance, Violin Performance as well as Chinese Language and Literature. She has won the 2nd prize in Taiwan Piano Competition. Ms. Wang also trained at Luebeck Musikhochschule in Germany and obtained her Masters's Degree in Piano Performance (1998). Each summer Ms. Wang travels to Taiwan and participates in the seminar "Chinese Language Research". In the summer of 2009, she obtained a certification following a 2-month course “Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language” from Tunghai University. In Taiwan and Germany, she worked as a teacher, teaching Chinese Language and Piano Performance. She has 27 years of experience teaching Chinese and 26 years of experience teaching Piano Performance. Ms. Wang joined ACS Athens in 2007.