Toumpakari, Evelin, Faculty, Math

Dr. Toumpakari was born and raised in Athens and attended the University of Athens where she studied Mathematics. She obtained a M.Sc. in Applied Statistics from the University of Oxford and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Chicago on a full scholarship from the University, while being an honorary scholar of the Onassis Foundation.

Dr Toumpakari has made presentations in several mathematics conferences in the US. Recently she presented at the 1st Congress of Greek Mathematicians on a statistical project she participated in at the Childhood Cancer Research group at Oxford. Her teaching experience includes a variety of undergraduate classes at the University of Chicago, mentoring gifted teenagers at a math-themed summer camp and teaching under-privileged students in the Chicago Public Schools as well as teaching A-levels in the UK. Since June 2019 she has been a Senior Fellow of the Institute at ACS Athens.

Dr Toumpakari has been a teacher of mathematics at ACS Athens since 2012 and this year is teaching Math 6, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 in the Middle School.