Parakatis, Nicholas N., Faculty, Mathematics

Mr. Parakatis has taught Physics and Mathematics in Canada and in Greece. He has served as Department Chair of Mathematics and Technology at ACS Athens and as an IB examiner.  He has taught students mathematics in the Academy, in the IB and in the Middle School and has also taught SAT preparatory Mathematics at ACS.

Mr. Parakatis has served on the accreditation team as the Quantitative Team Leader and has led many ACS Athens Math Department sponsored events such as the Mathematics Club, the Annual ACS Mathematics Competition, the SAT/ACT Math Club and the AMC 10/12.  As part of his  prior Action Research, Mr. Parakatis focused on encompassing implemented changes in standardized testing (SAT/ACT)  in the ACS Athens scope and sequence by creating sample assessments that can accompany daily lesson plans. Mr. Parakatis shared his findings At the ACS Athens Colloquium 2016.

His current Action Research work is currently focused on how written explanation of homework contributes to the overall quality of a homework presentation. Furthermore, how does discussion of homework/assignments/written assessment misconceptions, in the context of a heterogeneous cooperative small group learning setting, help improve student learning and performance.

His interests include astronomy, team sports, music and traveling. Mr. Parakatis is a member of faculty that was present at mission control, during the launch of the Rosetta Mission, by the European Space Agency. Nicholas believes that caring and concern over content and curriculum is one of the keys in helping students remain interested in school therefore helping them achieve their academic goals.