Gialamas, Zacharo Diamanto, Faculty, Social Studies, Drama

Zacharo Diamanto Gialama was born in Chicago but was mostly raised in Athens, Greece. She is an ACS alumna (2011) who then went on to receive her bachelor's in Political Science with a minor in Creative Writing from The George Washington University in D.C. During her time there, she worked at the Greek Embassy and for RAINN, an organization that helps and supports survivors of abuse. She received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Fiction from Chapman University in California. Her thesis ended up being the start of the novel she is currently working on called Eros.

Ms. Gialama has been at ACS Athens through a variety of ways. From student to graduate, from the ACS Athens summer camp as a Hip Hop / Dance teacher to proctoring IB exams. She has worked with faculty members on a variety of projects, such as a student-based documentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

From 2017, Ms. Gialama has worked as the Elementary School Writing Studio Coordinator and as a 6/7th grade Social Studies teacher. She has also been the coordinator of the annual Student Showcase in Middle School (showcase of student work/passions). This will be her sixth year as ACS Athens Faculty.  

Ms. Gialama aims to inspire students using an interdisciplinary approach of weaving writing into social studies in every way possible.