Stavropoulos, Athena, Faculty, 5th grade

Ms. Stavropoulos earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Michigan with a concentration in science education. After graduating Ms. Stavropoulos taught in Michigan public schools in the first-grade and fifth-grade. She loved her experiences in Michigan schools but she had a dream to pursue international education.

Her interest in international education began while she studied abroad in Italy. While there she taught English language classes to the local Italian community and she saw the power of creating community in the classroom. This experience, as well as her Greek heritage, motivated her to pursue teaching opportunities in Greece. In 2019 she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship where she became an English teaching assistant at Athens College. Through her scholarship she assisted in the English language department and acted as a cultural ambassador to the school by sharing American traditions and customs with the Greek students. She was awarded a second-term for her Fulbright scholarship which she completed this past school year. The Fulbright program gave her opportunities from collaborating with teachers from around the United States to attending a Media Literacy Conference in Bulgaria where she learned techniques and best practices for teaching media literacy. This is Ms. Stavropoulos’ fourth year teaching and her first year at ACS Athens. She is extremely excited to join the community at ACS Athens Elementary School and to connect with her future students.