Kitsaki, Marilena, Faculty, Greek Language

Marilena Kitsaki is a Greek Language Teacher and a Special Needs Educator with a broad experience in many areas of teaching. She holds a Master’s Degree in Special and Inclusive Education, Graduate School of Education, Social Sciences and Law, University of Bristol, UK, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education specialized in the Science of Psychology, School of Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Psychology, University of Ioannina, Greece.  Marilena recently took part in the Cultural Diversity Day project on Metaverse, a collaboration about SDG's between ACS and Hisar School in Istanbul.

Marilena is a creatively minded Teacher with 13 years of experience delivering educational assistance and instruction to various levels of learners. She has been teaching both Greek and English to a variety of students and adults, and she has experience working both in public and private schools in London and Athens.

Marilena has always acknowledged the fact that she can be a very good listener and a good communicator, which is an important quality needed for her collaboration with children. Her love, her devotion, and her respect for children's personalities are her most distinctive features. She regards herself as a team player with a strong work ethic. Her reliability, responsibility, and friendly nature are assets she brings to her workplace daily.