Dimitroula, Pinelopi, Faculty, 5th Grade

Ms. Pinelopi  Dimitroula was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Ms. Dimitroula has been educated both in Greece and the United States. Ms. Dimitroula holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE). Ms. Dimitroula continued with her graduate studies at Pace University, New York where she graduated with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Ms. Dimitroula remained in New York where she lived and worked for 14 years. 

Ms. Dimitroula holds a second Masters with dual specialization in Early Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities from Touro University, New York. Ms. Dimitroula is also licensed in both areas of specialization (Early Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities) in the state of New York. Ms. Dimitroula has worked for the Department  of Education in New York in several  different roles, as a shadow teacher, teacher’s assistant, and teacher. Ms Dimitroula has worked in both general and special education classes where she worked extensively with a diverse school population ranging from Gifted and Talented students to students with severe disabilities. Ms. Dimitroula obtained additional teaching certification for Upper Elementary School by taking online classes from Touro College, New. York and passing the New York State Teacher Certification Exams. 

Ms. Dimitroula is also a member of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BCBA) and is a certified and registered Behavioral Analyst. Ms. Dimitroula has worked as Behavioral Analyst consulting and working with the Board of Education in New York offering services and guidance to teachers in several schools in New York. 

Ms. Dimitroula has also attended several seminars and professional development workshops some of which include, Pedagogical Approaches to Infants and Children, Seminar on Discrete Trial Training (DTT), and Self-Injurious Behavior.

Ms. Dimitroula is one of the advisors for the Elementary School Honor Code Club, a student-led activity group which promotes the ACS Athens values of Respectful, Responsible, and Readiness, through a variety of student-created initiatives.

Ms. Dimitroula was also one of the facilitators in the Elementary School for the schoolwide Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative. 

Ms. Dimitroula is thrilled to continue her work at ACS Athens for the fifth (5th) year!

email: dimitroulap@acs.gr