Early Childhood Coordinator PJ - Grade 2

Application deadline: April 2, 2021

The job of the Early Childhood Coordinator PJ- Grade 2 will guide and support K-6 faculty and students towards the development of a common vision for effective developmental stages and academic progressions instruction that aligns the current literacy curriculum across schools. The Early Childhood Coordinator PJ - Grade 2 will be working with teachers in grades PJ- Grade 2 supporting teachers in both informal and in more formalized coaching cycles around an identified aspect of instructional practice.

Employment percentage: 100% (60% Coordinator & 40% Teaching Assignment)


  • Curriculum: Ensures that curricular progressions are updated and aligned across Early Childhood levels JK-2.
  • Instruction: Supports and observes the delivery of curriculum via multiple modes (face to face, virtual, hyflex).
  • Optimal Learning Program: Collaborates with faculty and OLP specialists to ensure child services are adequately resourced and communicated to families
  • Admissions: Participates in the admission process with the guidance of the Elementary Principal and Admissions Team.
  • Instructional Resources: Assist teachers in cultivating strong and cohesive instruction materials and units/Professional Development opportunities.

Basic Function & Duties: 

  • Plans, organizes and implements the early childhood programs, operations, services, and activities.
  • Plans and coordinates special events. (events include: Back to School Night, Read Aloud, Mind, Body Soul Presentations, Field Day, etc.)
  • Monitors program routines and addresses problems, issues, or concerns with faculty and Elementary School Principal.
  • Models the implementation of instructional resources and offers guidance and provides feedback to the principal for formal performance reviews and evaluations.
  • Develops in-service training for assigned faculty JK-2.
  • Creates bi-weekly Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to support the curriculum
  • Participates in school staff meetings.
  • Writes and prepares newsletters and family updates with Elementary School Principal
  • Participates in monthly PTO Coffee as needed.
  • Assists the principal(s) in additional communication and engagement opportunities for parents/families to better understand shifts in school/ classroom instructional practices, and recommendations for supporting student learning outside of school.
  • Models best practices through one-on-one coaching, a lab classroom, and professional development workshops.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Teaching License and Certification in Early Childhood (birth - seven years old);
  • Academic degrees from an accredited University/College in the specific subject area(s);
  • Minimum of five years teaching experience which includes Pre-Kindergarten or K-8;
  • Ability to clearly and effectively communicate, both orally and written, in English;
  • Commitment to remain current in content knowledge and teaching strategies;
  • Knowledge of special education or developmental stages as applicable to early childhood programs;
  • Demonstrating a strong commitment to the development of the Early Childhood Program with regular, and dependable attendance;
  • Capable of creating a collaborative environment in order to accomplish the mission of the school through diverse programs for all Early Childhood and Student, Family, and Community Support;
  • Capable of providing leadership for a vision of comprehensive early childhood education and care opportunities for the community.
  • Knowledge of early childhood programs, operations, programming, and services.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral;
  • Training in administration and supervision preferred;
  • Currently contributing to US Social Security and FICA tax, required (for US hires).

Application Procedure:

To be considered for this vacancy, please complete this form and submit in English:

  • Cover letter, which should include a statement of your educational philosophy;
  • Resume, which should contain applicable license/certification information and;
  • The contact information for three professional references.

Application deadline: April 2, 2021