Hellenic Ministry of Education Exemption from Greek school (For students with Greek citizenship)

According to Greek Education Law 1167/139684/Z2/2011:

... students in grades JK-9 with Greek citizenship are required to attend Greek Schools. In order to attend ACS Athens (Grades JK-9), these students must apply for permission to register at ACS Athens from the Greek Education Ministry...

As soon as parents are informed of their child's acceptance into ACS Athens, they will be requested to fill and submit the Registration Approval Application Form (Αίτηση Έγκρισης Εγγραφής). This form and all supporting documents must be filed prior to registration.

Registration Approval Application Form (Αίτηση Έγκρισης Εγγραφής)

The following supporting documents are required, as applicable:

  • Records, transcripts and/or certificates of completion of most recent school year (officially translated in Greek);
  • Birth Certificate (Πιστοποιητικό Γέννησης) via gov.gr;
  • Documentation showing that student fulfills Greek Ministry of Education requirements for attending an international school (one of the cases below must apply):
  1. student has dual citizenship - Documentation: foreign passport officially translated.
  2. at least one parent has foreign citizenship - Documentation: foreign passport officially translated.
  3. student has a brother or sister already attending ACS Athens, or a parent employed at ACS Athens. Documentation: Letter from ACS Athens certifying the above.
  4. at least one parent is a Greek diplomat or works in an international organization - Documentation: official letter by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the organization as described above.
  5. student has studied in international schools abroad or in Greece for at least one year - Documentation: Notarized documentation (certificates of studies and/or transcripts) translated into Greek.
  6. student will move abroad within the next three years and will need to attend an international school while abroad. Documentation: Job offer to one of the parents from a company or individual certifying the above and Υπεύθυνη Δήλωση via gov.gr from the parent.