ACS Athens Scholar's Program

The ACS Athens Scholar Diploma is a 4-year program. This diploma is awarded to those students who have successfully completed a combination of authentic ACS Athens honors courses, a selection of other honors courses, a Senior Honors Research Project and have engaged in meaningful community service.  The Diploma aims to provide a holistic, meaningful and harmonious education through a wide selection of highly academic courses in order to optimize the unique academic potential of each individual student. Assessment and grading is both internal and external (depending on the course) and is a mix of traditional and innovative assignments designed to meet the specific learning objectives and standards of each course. The Senior Honors Research/Service Project is the capstone project for those opting for the ACS Athens Scholar Diploma. It promotes creativity, inquiry and academics and encourages each individual student to choose and focus on a topic of their choice, preparing them for College-level assessments.

Students must select from 4 integrated interdisciplinary courses. These authentic ACS Athens created courses ensure that student learning is connected across subjects. They then must mix in other honor courses to extend their learning through a variety of subjects and educational programs, which can include International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses. It is expected that students who have successfully completed the ACS Athens Scholar Diploma, in addition to their high academic profile, will develop skills of open-mindedness and international-mindedness as well as a strong ability to adapt to change, make academic and social connections to various subjects, perform well in many different types of assessments and make significant contributions to their community.