Modern Greek Language and History 

Credit gained: 0.5 High School Credit


Completion of MGL-P or equivalent

Course description

This is an online Greek language course for near-native speakers with fluency in reading and an advanced level of oral and writing skills. This course cycle will guide students to the Ancient Greek world from the prehistoric years and the Cycladic civilization to the city-states and the golden age of democracy.  The course aims at further developing students' expression skills through more advanced vocabulary and the application of synonyms. Students will also be given the opportunity to make meaningful connections between ancient and modern Greece through guided research projects and presentations of their choice and personal learning style. Innovative technology tools will be integrated into the learning experience to engage students and broaden their course horizons.

Course Start/End Date: May 7 - July 2

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Fellow/Online Instructor: Rovoli, Irini

Cost: 300 Euros

Minimum Enrollment: 3 Students in a Course

If enrollment in a course fails to reach the minimum number of participants required for the class to run, the class will be cancelled and tuition will be reimbursed.