Chemistry / 

Credit gained: 1 High School Credit



Course description

The Chemistry 10 course is designed for 10th grade students and aims to develop an understanding of the properties, composition, structure and transformations of matter along with energy transfer and chemical reactions. Topics in the course include Properties of matter and Phase Changes, Structure of Matter: Atoms, Elements and Compounds, Relative Atomic mass, Isotopes, Periodic Table and Periodic Trends, Bonding and Compound Formation: Naming inorganic compounds, Chemical Formulae and Equations, Molecular and Formula Mass, Quantities and Equations: Conservation of Mass, The Mole and Avogadro's number, Chemical Reactions: Reaction Types, Balancing chemical equations, Stoichiometry, Solutions, Acids and Bases, Reaction Rates, Oxidation Reduction and Electrochemistry, Introduction to Organic Chemistry.

Course Instruction Time: 15 weeks

Course Completion Time: 20 weeks

Fellow/Online Instructor: Dr. Ioannis Kerkines

Cost: 600 €UROS