What we offer

  • High School courses for credit
    • Mainstream High School courses
    • New authentic and exciting High School courses
  • Preparatory English language program - offering a sequence of EFL and ESL modules
  • IB preparation - offering modules to 10th grade IB bound students
  • AP prep course to students interested in AP (AB-BC) exam - some may have already taken an AP course
  • Undergraduate College courses for credit in collaboration with US Universities
  • Graduate College courses for degrees in collaboration with US Universities

The first group of online courses begins in October 2019 and runs for 15 weeks in order to secure up to one high school credit. The second group begins in February 10, 2020 and again, runs for 15 weeks for up to one high school credit.

Accelerated summer courses are offered, beginning in the second week of June and end the last week of July (8 weeks) for a one-semester, 0.5 high school credit.

Registration information and details for each of the courses offered beginning October 2019 can be found here. If you are interested in participating in this program, fill out the application form and follow the procedures as outlined.