Tuition & Fees

Cost of books, subscriptions, technology costs, or any auxiliary costs are not covered by the tuition and registration fees below.

Category of Students Registration Fee Course enrollment of 0.5 credit Course enrollment of 1 credit Comments
ACS Athens students 0 300€ 600€  
All other students registering for their first course 100 300€ 600€  
All other students enrolled in consecutive courses 0* 300€ 600€ Those students who skip a session will have to pay the registration fee for any subsequent course enrollment. 
* The cost for the 20-week courses in duration is 800 euro and offer one full high school credit.
* The registration fee will apply to any future course enrollment unless it is a consecutive enrollment for both sessions.

Additional Costs

Official Transcript Request Any requests for a hardcopy of transcripts.  Note, that for international students the mailing costs may vary.   10€  

Refund Policy

Withdrawal deadlines Course enrollment Cost Registration fee Comments
8 days before the official starting date of the course Full cost of course enrollment 0%    
7-2 days before the official starting date of the course 50% of the full cost of enrollment  0%    
2-  till the end of the course  0%   For any documented serious student emergencies, the school will provide reasonable time accommodations for course completion.