American Studies / for students who have completed a Gr. 9 Social Studies course

Credit gained: 1 High School Credit


Placement in the Honors section of this course requires: Completion of all assigned Honors summer work; Teacher recommendation based on Q1 performance and grade (minimum B and above); Honors Placement is finalized after Q1.

Course description

The American Studies Sophomore “Combo” fulfills the curriculum goals for 10th grade English Literature and 10th grade American Studies at Standard level. It is an interdisciplinary and each unit is integrated based on themes and a series of essential questions posed to the students. This course challenges students to excel in writing, reading, speaking, listening and contextual analysis.

Learning Goals:  Students utilize content, and materials, from both disciplines, to answer the essential questions for each unit. They will integrate the knowledge of history, culture, and political-economic systems in America, with the study of literature, language, and writing skills. Students will learn the elements, genres of literature, and modes of writing. 

Course Instruction Time: 15 weeks

Course Completion Time: 17 weeks

Fellow/Online Instructor: Dr. Marco Crivelaro 

Cost: 600 €UROS