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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Welcome

(Updated July 2018)

ACS Athens PTO

On behalf of the entire Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), we warmly welcome you to our community at ACS Athens - a community of parents, students, faculty and staff representing approximately 55 nationalities, spanning across the globe.

Our goal: to bring together the diversity and multinationalism of the entire community through events and fund-raising for the educational benefit of our children.

The reality: Without the support of our parents, many of these events would not be possible.
That's why your participation and willingness to help out and volunteer a bit of your time is essential to the success of our goals.

Some of the contributions of the PTO over the past years have included; classroom starboards, computer labs, mobile laptop units, student lockers, new gymnasium floors, and books and DVDs for the library.

Please take the time to look at the PTO section on the school website where you’ll find our mission statement, constitution and by-laws as well as all events, information and minutes from our general meetings that all parents are cordially invited to. Our announcements are made through school- wide emails, Parent Express (PEX), Facebook (Pto Acs-Athens) and the ACS Athens online PTO Bulletin Board.

For the year 2018-19, we still have positions available for the PTO Board, and it would be our pleasure to have anyone who might be interested to join us for a fun and exciting year ahead. We think most parents would agree that serving on the PTO is a great way to not only support your student’s journey through school but to have the opportunity to work closely with the faculty and administration forging positive working relationships for the benefit of our children's ACS Athens education. Please email or call Valerie Alexopoulos, 2106070264 and if you are interested or have any questions.


Our Annual Traditional Events

(Preliminary dates - to be confirmed)


  • 27th - 31st - Registration week
  • 11th - PTO Board Meeting
  • 18th - PTO General Meeting/Principals' Coffees
  • 21st - Welcome Back BBQ, 4-7pm
  • 2nd - PTO Board Meeting
  • 18th - PTO Pumpkin Patch Sale, 3pm-5pm
  • 19th - PTO Pumpkin Patch Sale, 3pm-5pm
  • 6th - PTO Board Meeting
  • 13th - PTO General Meeting/Principals' Coffees
  • 17th - PTO Turkeybowl
  • 27th - PTO Board Meeting
  • 1st - PTO Holiday Bazaar, 12-5pm
  • 8th - PTO Board Meeting
  • 15th - PTO General Meeting/Principals' Coffees
  • 5th - PTO Board Meeting
  • 5th - PTO Board Meeting
  • 12th - PTO General Meeting/Principals' Coffees
  • 26th - PTO Board Meeting
  • 1st - 5th - Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
  • 9th - PTO Board Meeting
  • 7th - PTO Board Meeting 14th - PTO General Meeting/Principals' Coffees
  • 25th - PTO International Spring Fair
  • 4th - PTO Board Meeting
  • 11th - PTO volunteer thank you reception


Contact Information / How You can Help Us

To help us, volunteer and contribute in any way - please fill out the form.