Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013

Why IB?

What can the IB do for you?

  • The IB Program can help students to become well-rounded, well-educated young adults.
  • The IB Program prepares students for university level work.
  • The IB Program provides continuity for students who transfer among international schools.
  • The IB Diploma provides entrance to the university systems of many countries around the world.
  • Following a course of studies leading to the award of an IB Diploma makes students applying to American universities more competitive in relation to their peers.
  • Students who earn an IB Diploma may earn up to one year of advanced placement credit in American universities and colleges.

Why pursue the IB at ACS Athens?

  • As of June 2002, ACS formally became authorized by the IBO as a JK-12 IB school. The Primary Years Program (PYP) and the Middle Years Program (MYP) now better prepare all of our students, should they wish to enter the Diploma Program in Grade 11.
  • Students pursuing two Language-A courses may receive a Bilingual Diploma. All ACS students earn an American high school diploma. They may receive both the IB diploma and the ACS Athens American high school diploma.
  • ACS Athens IB courses are integrated into the whole school curriculum. Students not enrolled in the IB Diploma Program may enroll as certificate candidates in individual IB courses as part of the college preparatory program.
  • The ACS Athens Writing Project philosophy goes hand in hand with the IB philosophy, which places students’ thinking and making meaning at the center of learning
  • The 180-day US school calendar allows our faculty to cover the IB syllabus in depth and precludes the need for outside tutoring. In keeping with American education philosophy, teachers are readily available to offer extra help and provide individual attention to students, as part of their normal teaching duties.
  • ACS Athens has the most experienced IB faculty in Athens