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Welcome to Wellness Week 2010

& 13th Annual Anti-Drug Basketball Tournament

ACS Athens is committed to educating the whole person by exposing students to new and healthier opportunities to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual health. For another year, ACS Athens supports healthy living and says NO to drugs.  ACS Athens Annual Wellness Week is scheduled to take place from February 16th through the 19th with a series of seminars which include a number of topics on wellness such as nutrition, drug and alcohol abuse and the use of steroids. Wellness Week will come to an exciting close with the 13th Annual Anti-Drug Basketball Tournament with games between international schools (February 19-21) and the always popular VIP/Celebrity Basketball Game on February 21, at 4pm at the ACS Athens gymnasium where a number of celebrities from politics, sports, and media will participate in support of this great cause. 


2010 Wellness Week Presentations


Dr. John A. Moissidis shares his guide on how students can build a successful sports career without the use of steroids. View his presentation here:

Success Without Steroids!

Wellness Steroids 30 



Next, Dr. John A. Moissidis reveals the importance of having a healthful diet as a child. Brow raising statistics on obesity rates are included in his power point show below.

Wellness Obesity 30 


Dr.Maria Skouroliakou, Christina Kostara and Mandy Persidi created an extensive presentation on how food nutrition helps sustain students throughout their day and how to create good diets that sustain them throughout their school careers.


Nutrition and Athletic Performance 


2010 Anti-Drug Basketball Tournament Weekend In Review


Congratulations to ACS Girls and Boys Basketball Teams for the amazing wins during the Anti-Drug Basketball Weekend Tournament!




ACS 97 - Anatolia 28

Anatolia 06 - Youth Selection Team - South 87

Esperides 49 - YSTSouth 32

ACS Athens 51 - Esperides 55

ACS Athens 39 - YSTSouth 32

 Anatolia 20 -  Esperides 41


ACS 32 - Esperides 47



ACS 78 - Anatolia 73

Anatolia 72 - Cairo American College (CAC) 60

Tositsio 60 - CAC 50

ACS 56  - Toistsio 32

ACS Athens 78 – CAC 51

Anatolia 32 -  Tositsio 39


ACS 82 - Tositsio 58

3-pt Winners:

Kevin Jeff (CAC) and Afroditi Pagoni (Anatolia)

Free throw Winners:

Giannis Lykartsis (Anatolia) and Anastasia Koniali (EOK)



Blue and Gold Team won over the Gold Team 52 – 49