Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013

Tzelepi-Giannatou, Eleni, Ph.D.
Educational Consultant
Independent, Athens, Greece

Dr. Eleni Tzelepi-Giannatou completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Athens, Department of Education. She then continued her postgraduate studies at the Institute of Education, University of London, where she obtained an Advanced Diploma in Psychology and Education of Children with Special Needs in Ordinary Schools and a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Education for Special Needs. She obtained her PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Patras where she researched stress in adolescence.

She has 25 years of experience in various educational settings such as private and public schools, and the Pedagogical Institute of the Greek Ministry of Education where she worked as a Special Needs Evaluation Counselor. She is a scientific associate in the private and public sector in Greece and abroad, specializing in stress management, and special educational needs.

She has conducted extensive research in the field of stress, coping and well being focusing on stress management in schools and the family, in collaboration with European research institutes. She has presented papers in many national and international Psychology conferences, organized workshops and lectured on special needs.

Dr Tzelepi-Giannatou is currently working as an independent consultant specializing in inclusive education, special educational needs, and stress management.