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Third Graders learn fractions using pizza

Students in Mr. Perroni's class were each given a different pizza recipe and had to fold there crusts according to the denominator of their fractions. They then had to top the pizza according to the numerator. Azra and Costa show us how it works.

                   Azra Yavuzyigit                                               Costa Sneeder


Third Graders write Essays.

Students in Mr. Perroni's class spent weeks creating essays. They started by making observations and reflected on what it meant to them. They then created a thesis and supporting ideas and used an outline to organize their thoughts. Then they wrote their first draft. The next couple weeks were spent adding more details and observations and revising.

Live Teige Larsen shares her essay with us.

Why Children Don’t Understand Parents

Have you ever wondered how much a parent understands about you?  I’ve found throughout my life that parents almost never have time for fun stuff, they make things gray by their negative opinions, and they never try what children point out to make them chill out.  In Norway, my mother, father, brother, and I went to our school together.  Now in Greece, Dad is out of the house before my mother is even lifting an eye-lash.  So, I kind-of have to wake up at 6:55 a.m. to talk to him.  And it is not that I don’t want to see him either.  It’s just, sometimes I almost want to “save my pennies” and go to Norway, alone.  And I’m not the only one here who has the idea either.  My mother, for example, doesn’t have a job.  But, when Dad comes home I am happy.  Our day at home is the same every day.  When dad comes home we eat dinner, go out to do something athletic (not complaining so far). * Then, Isak and I go in the shower and then we sleep, okay so maybe we get to watch some TV but not always.  Some, not often, days we play board games and I think that is something we can get better at big-time.  Who knew that parents were so bad at that: family togetherness?  They may not be very good at it, but I will always forgive them.

 *Being athletic is good. Very good.  My Brother’s yesterday wanted to watch TV instead of going out! If you don’t exercise you will be fat when you grow up, which is bad, very bad.  My mother and I went running which was very nice.  People should go outside more.  Parents too.  Mom and I are together.  Going outside is nice.  Fun things are everywhere.

I remember when my family and I went to the park.  We played 4-square but mom didn’t understand the point of the game so it didn’t become very fun: But that went over fast because we played freeze-tag instead.  My point is that parents should try and not give up easily.  Because you can have fun when you want.  Even with your closest members.

This makes me think that this isn’t a fact, opinion or a question so this is my final essay. 


Third Graders learn about taking care of our Earth

Ms. Hapsis' third grade class has worked very diligently and hard this year.  The students have learned many things and have achieved a number of successes.  The concepts learned have been many and the skills mastered abundant.  Along with academics, the students have also become more aware of the environment they live in and how the earth and the future are in their hands.

              Madeleine Economou                                 Joanna Vasiliou                                   Lucas Lippeatt


Third Graders practice their Research Skills

Ms. Mukri's class practiced their research skills during reading and took notes from an informational text on a topic they found interesting.  The students then created power point presentations and taught their classmates about what they learned. 

The students learned about Volcanoes from Athan Ovcina's presentation.












The students learned about the Orca from Daphne Stamou's presentation.




Ms. Hapsis' class learn about their joints and muscles

Ms. Hapsis’ third grade class has been working hard and diligently this semester in all academic areas.  In science, we are learning about the Human Body and how it is one of the most marvelous machines in the world.  We’ve done investigations related to bones and joints and our next venture will focus on muscles.  Do you know how many bones there are in the human body?  Do you know why some parts of the body are more flexible than others?  Do you know what bones and joints are used when jumping rope?  Come to our third grade class and find out!!