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The delivery of quality programs is the primary focus at ACS Athens; throughout the years, the ACS Athens Summer Youth Camp attracted many families who entrusted us with their children’s summer leisure time.  This trust is the reason why every year we strive to deliver improved and fine tuned programs to all the participants.

As we are now entering the second decade of the ACS Athens Summer Youth Camp, we are prepared to provide fun and exciting activities for all the children!  These activities are designed in a way so that so that fun and learning are the focus of everyone involved.  We continue with this concept this year by introducing creative and innovative activities that will cater to children with various interests and needs;  in addition, while the young children are provided with specific activities, the older ones have the opportunity to make up their own schedule by choosing their activities from a variety of options.

Our goal is to provide a “best fit” environment for all ages with emphasis on English language instruction as well as age-appropriate activities: a number of classroom activities as well as indoor and outdoor sports activities are available.


Our programs and activities are designed in such a way, so that the participants have fun and at the same time gain valuable learning experiences.

  • Early Childhood program:    4 – 5 years old (children starting Kindergarten in September)
  • Primary programs
    • a. Lower Primary: 6 years old (children entering 1st grade in September)
    • b. Upper Primary: 7 years old (children entering 2nd grade in September)
  • Kids’ Program:    8 – 9 years old (children entering 3rd & 4th grade in September)
  • Juniors’ Program:    10 - 11 years old (children entering 5th & 6th grade in September)
  • Teens’ Program:    12 - 14 years old (children entering 7th & 8th grade in September)

For the younger participants ("Early Childhood" and "Primary Programs") the daily program consists of predetermined activities; for the remaining programs (Kids, Juniors and Teens) participants are able to choose among a variety of activities thus making up their own daily schedule.

Our staff consists of experienced instructors, each in their specific areas of expertise, and they are assisted by High School student volunteers.  All of them promise to provide a fun experience for all the children!


Summer Youth Camp Brochure

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