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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)



Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Summer Youth Camp's rules, requirements and procedures.   For additional information you may contact us directly by email / phone or visit us in the Camp's office.

Can a child not attending ACS Athens regularly attend the ACS Summer Camp?

Any child aged 4 - 14 years old can attend the Summer Youth Camp

How can I register my child and what is needed?

Easy on-line application is the easiest way to do it!   (; pre-registration fee must be deposited to reserve a “seat” and to have priority for the very popular activities

Because I am a working parent, would I be able to come and visit the school and receive more information on campus?

As of May 18th, the Summer Youth Camp Office is open daily from 8:30 – 16:00. On Saturday, June 13th, the office will open from 10:00 – 14:00 for anyone interested in coming in person.

If I am late in registering by child, can I register once the session has started?

You can register your child at any time – however, keep in mind, that acceptance of your registration will depend on space availability.  In addition, some specific activities may not be available (due to increased popularity) and the activity would be “closed”

Is full payment done by session and when is it due?

Each session must be paid in full before the first day of the session

Can I change the total number of weeks once pre-registration is done?

Yes you can!  The first session is for two weeks; if you wish to extend the participation of your child for the third and final week, you need to advise the office two days prior to the end of the first session.

What kind of transportation is provided and is the cost additional?

Area transportation (not door-to-door) is provided to the participants.  In the past, our transportation covered areas in the south as well as a number of other suburbs in the northern area.  The exact bus routes will be determined at a later date and are based on the needs of the participants.


When will I be notified about the exact bus route and time of pick up and drop off?

You will be notified on the week-end prior to the first day of the Summer Youth Camp in regards to point and time of pick up and drop off

What equipment / attire is needed for the sport activities?

For most of the sport activities, the school will provide the necessary equipment; items that are needed to be brought from home are the swimming materials (bathing suit, towels, flip flops, swimming cap) and a tennis racket for tennis (the school has a limited number of tennis rackets available).  You need to LABEL,(with your child's name, all the equipment / sports materials your child brings to school (including the hat).

How do you determine the level of English for the participants?

The level of English will be determined and finalized on the first few days of the camp; the original placement will be determined based on the age of the child as well as the level that you (the parent) indicate in the registration form.

Is there a comprehensive document for the Summer Camp ?

Absolutely! The publication below contains everything you may want to know about the Camp !   View the brochure in flipbook format, or download it for later reference.

NOTE: Please stay tuned for brochure posting...