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Summer Scholars' Academy 2017

Enrich Your Learning!  Expand Your Horizons!

The Institute for Innovation and Creativity (IIC) currently accepts applications for its Summer Scholars' Academy Program of 2017 - for High School students (entering grades 10-12 in the upcoming academic year).

The program offers a variety of courses, in partnership with local educational/cultural institutions, as needed.   Courses will take place in the ACS Athens campus; outdoors in Athens; and at Megara & Athens International airports.

Please note that all of the courses provide students with the opportunity to earn high school credit in fulfillment of graduation requirements.


Registration and payment by June 26 - July 7, 2017


Registration and payment by June 9, 2017


Ms. Marietta Garbis ph. 210.6070.302 / email:

Payment Information

Please pay at the ACS Athens Cashier's office or deposit payment directly at


493 Messoghion Ave., Aghia Paraskevi GR - 15343, Branch 209

Account No. : 209 00 2320 0031 44 Euro €

Swift Number : CRBAGRAA

IBAN Number € : GR56 0140 2090 2090 0232 0003 144


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Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices / Healthy Living

Healthy Choices / Healthy Living

Course Profile

Duration: June 26 - July 7, 2017

Faculty: Ms. Lambrini Rontogiannis

Distribution / Structure : 8 online sessions and 2 face-to-face class meetings on: June 26 and July 3 at 13:00 - 16:00

Class size: 5 students needed for course to run (up to a max. of 15)

Credit : .5 credits and satisfies the ACS Athens requirement for Health

Cost: € 450


An i2Flex course for students entering grades 10 - 12.

Health, nutrition topics; First Aid techniques-CPR.   Mental, emotional, sexual health; STDs, substance abuse;   self-esteem and stress management.

Art Seminars

Portfolio / Summer Art Seminars

Create and Develop Your Portfolio: Summer Art Seminars

Course Profile

Duration: June 26 - July 7, 2017

Faculty: Ms. Farida El Gazzar

Distribution / Structure : Weekdays (10:00 - 13:00) for 10 days

Venue : Indoors and outdoors: downtown Athens, city spaces, museums, parks, etc.

Class size: 5 students needed for course to run (up to a max. of 12)

Credit : .5 credits in Arts, towards fulfillment of the ACS Athens graduation requirement

Cost: € 450


Introduction to the theory and priciples of design; a general view of the field of applied arts (from aesthetic, technical and expressive viewpoints); combinations and compositions using a variety of materials and applications for the development of students’ aesthetic sense and creativity. Students will have created a new body of work showing a diverse selection of subject and use of medium, while enriching their art portfolio.

A specially designed, intensive college art course for students who want to explore their passion for drawing, extend their range of their skills and/or prepare a professional portfolio for art school/university admission...

Students will develop their skills on and practice different kinds of drawing and painting such as : Still Life, Compositional & Linear, Architectural; also Portfolio preparation, etc.

Audio Video Lab

Audio / Video Production Lab

Audio / Video Production Lab (Introductory Media Class)

Course Profile

Duration: June 26 - July 7, 2017

Faculty: Mr. John Papadakis & Mr. Thanassis Palos

Class size: A minimum number of 7 students must be met, up to a maximum of 15

Credit : .5 credits in Technology or in the Arts, towards fulfillment of the ACS Athens graduation requirement

Cost: € 450


Get the skills to make a short video documentary and a short audio/radio piece with this intensive practical course that makes use of the resources available in the Sabbagh Media Lab in the ACS Athens Learning Commons.   Designed for beginners, this course offers the technical and creative foundation for such productions.

Skills to be explored: Concept development; Storytelling; Writing for radio / TV; Conducting interviews; Use of camera, sound and video recording and editing equipment and software; Collaborative shooting, recording and editing video/audio.

Software used: We will use programs such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Motion, After Effects and Photoshop.