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Our Stories, Essays & Poems - June 2016

Enjoy this year's edition of the Elementary School Literary Magazine (Our Stories, Essays & Poems)!

Students from Junior Kindergarten to Fifth grade contributed original drawings and artwork, poems, essays and other writings for the 2016 Literary magazine.

The creativity, contemplative thought and originality of the writings and artwork is unfolding in the 54 pages of the publication and is viewable in its entirety below...


Stories and Poems - 2013 - 2014

Enjoy the first issue of Stories & Poems : A top notch collection of art, poetry, writing and illustration from our students in grades JK - 5.


Blue & Gold, Spring 2014

Enjoy the latest issue !

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Anna Maria P. writes a Fantasy Story

Anna Maria P. has chosen language arts for her mentor program. This fantasy story was her first project. We discussed the specific text form, the structure and the language that is used. Furthermore we had a general look at what myths are and what they mean to people. Follow Anna Maria in "her journey" to the world of mermaids.


Trey Kee Reflects on the Fifth Grade Beach Clean-up

The fifth graders spent a day cleaning Agios Nikolas beach in Anavissos. This is a reflection of what Trey saw, thought and gained from this experience.

Fifth Grade Beach Clean-up
By Trey Kee

When the Fifth Grade of the America Community School of Athens went to clean up a beach in Anavissos near Sounion on May 16, 2013, they were exposed to the filth and trash people leave behind.  From afar, everything looked clean. But when we reached the beach, we were stunned to see exactly how much grime and stench surrounded us. Many of us were disappointed, as we could not believe what can happen when people do not take into consideration the consequences of not throwing away their trash.  People do not realize it, but even one plastic bottle can seriously affect the flora and fauna around you.

Accompanied by our amazing teacher, Ms. Coklas (unfortunately, Ms. Kynigou was absent due to illness, we really missed her!), approximately 50 ACS fifth graders travelled by bus to the quiet town.  As the day continued, we found some "interesting" objects, including shoes, plastic chairs, socks, metal bearings and ropes.  We saw the impact the trash was having on the seaside plants. For example, the class saw a plant that was black as night with trash surrounding it. We realized that if everyone disregarded the environment, all plants could become like the black tree.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average person creates 2 Kg of trash a day, 13 Kg a week, and 726 Kg a year. According to the United States Census Bureau, the world population is about 7,000,000,000.  Every day, the world creates 14 Billion Kg of trash; every week, the world creates 910 Billion Kg of trash, and every year, the world produces 5.82 Trillion Kg of trash.  Although these figures are estimates, if anywhere near that much trash is actually produced; we will be living in one giant landfill in a matter of decades.

Another factor to take in account is that a lot of trash we have thrown away has not yet biodegraded.  In addition to environmental problems, there are health risks.  Between 1347 and 1351, the bubonic plague spread through Europe, Asia, and Africa, killing nearly 75 million people. What the people at that time did not know was that sickness can be caused by too much trash on the streets! Piles of garbage attracted rats, which had various bugs, such as fleas, which transmitted the disease to humans. Seventy five million people died, and the world still does not realize how much trash it really produces.  

As the Fifth Grade day on the beach continued and the trash in our bags got heavier, we started to see how beautiful the beach truly was. We saw some green plants, birds appeared to return, and the beach was transformed, maybe only for a little while, into something once again lovely.  After we cleaned up, we enjoyed a treat of ice cream on the ride home.  And everyone threw their trash away.  As we returned to the city, however, the filth also returned.  Pollution and smoke once again engulfed us.  And we all realized what a huge difference we had made at the beach.

You alone can make a huge difference. So this summer, when you go to the beach, try to pick up what you leave behind. Make a change.

For more information on the impact of trash, please visit the following websites: