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The Office of Student Affairs is compassionately dedicated to developing practices that will improve the lives of those in need. As part of our vision, we are pleased to announce a number of projects that took place in the academic year 2016-2017:

October - December 2017:
  • Volunteering at Karelleio Idryma - Home for the Elderly (in collaboration with Middle School)

March 2017:

  • Outreach to the Elliniko warehouse
Civic Responsibility Civic Responsibility

February 2017:

  • Books Collection Drive (in collaboration with the "Hope School")

December 2016:

  • Shoe Drive for children and teenagers (in collaboration with the Halandri parish)
  • Early Childhood Drive (in collaboration with the "Drop in the Ocean" organization)
  • Holiday Homeless Donation (in collaboration with the IB office)
  • Wish Star Program by Make-A- Wish Greece

November 2016:

  • Books collection drive (in collaboration with METAdrasi)


If you are interested in contributing to similar initiatives or create a proposal for a new project, please contact Ms. Danai Papaioannou at