Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013

Curriculum Highlights

Our curriculum provides rich learning experiences for students at all levels.

In the Elementary School Primary, thematic cross-disciplinary units of inquiry are organized around essential questions in three different areas per grade: The United States, Greece (Host Nation), and a Continent/Regional study.

In the Middle School, students explore world history and geography from the earliest human settlements and examine how history and geography have shaped today’s world. The focus of the 6th grade program is on methods of historical investigation and the ancient world. Seventh graders explore the geography, history and culture of the eastern hemisphere. In the 8th grade, students focus their inquiry on the Americas.

The curriculum in the Academy prepares students for university study. Students take a variety of required and elective courses to meet the requirements for the American High School Diploma, The International Baccalaureate Diploma (or Certificates) and/or the Greek Diploma. Course offerings include European History, American Studies/Combo, Economics, Business Economics, Leadership and Democracy, Psychology & Sociology, Topics in Modern World History and a unique interdisciplinary Humanities course.

Writing-to-learn strategies and research methods are incorporated at all levels of the Social Studies Program.