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Welcome to ACS Athens PTO

ACS Athens Parents Teachers Organization

ACS Athens PTOAccording to its by-laws and constitution, the purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for parents and teachers to meet in an atmosphere of friendliness and understanding that they may cooperate in advancing the schools’ standard of education by:

  1. Supporting the schools’ goals through volunteer service, fundraising activities, and enhanced educational opportunities for students (see latest in PTO News & Events);
  2. Facilitating communication between parents and the schools; and
  3. At the discretion of the Executive Board, providing a forum for discussion of important issues and, where appropriate, informing the schools’ administration and Board of Education of the opinions of the members of the organization.


PTO Welcome for the School Year 2016 - 2017

The PTO's Information letter to the ACS Athens Community, states its main goals / mission and highlights important events and dates for the current school year.

(Updated October 2016)

On behalf of the Parent Teacher Organization we warmly welcome you to the American Community School of Athens  - a community of parents, students, faculty and staff representing 52 nationalities, spanning across the globe.

Our Goal is to bring together the diversity and multinationalism of the entire community through events and fund-raising for the educational benefit of our children.

The Reality is that without the support of our parents, many of these events would not be possible.  That’s why your participation and willingness to help out and volunteer a bit of your time is essential to the success of our goals.

Some of the contributions of the PTO over the past years have included; classroom starboards, computer labs, mobile laptop units, student lockers, new gymnasium floors, and books and DVDs for the library.

Please take the time to look at the PTO section on the school website where you’ll find our mission statement, constitution and by-laws as well as all events, information and minutes from our general meetings which all parents are cordially invited to attend. Our announcements are made through school-wide emails, Parent Express (PEX), Facebook (Pto Acs-Athens) and the ACS Athens online PTO Bulletin Board.

For the year 2016-17, we have a wonderful board of parents hailing from Greece, the U.S., the Czech Republic, France and Australia.  We still have a few positions available and it would be our pleasure to have anyone who might be interested to join us for a fun and exciting year ahead.  We think most parents would agree that serving on the PTO is a great way to not only support your children’s journey through school but to have the opportunity to work closely with the faculty and administration, forging positive working relationships for the benefit of our children’s ACS Athens education.  Please email or call any of us if you might be interested or have questions. 

Our Annual Traditional Events and General Meetings GMs are at 10:00

On the following document, kindly fill out your information and how you would like to participate at any of our events.

  • General Meeting - September 13, 2016
  • Welcome Back Barbecue - September 23
  • Pumpkin Patch Sale - October 19 / 20
  • General Meeting - November 8
  • Annual Turkey Bowl - November 19
  • Holiday Bazaar - December 3
  • General Meeting - January 17, 2017
  • General Meeting - March 14
  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week - March 20 - 24; Luncheon on March 24th
  • General Meeting - May 9
  • International Spring Fair - May 20
  • Volunteers Thank You - June 13

  We welcome you as parents and urge you to actively participate and join us in the great community of ACS Athens.

We meet in the Conference Center, located in the Administrative Building, at 10:00 am. on Tuesdays.

Our meetings are preceded by the Elementary Principal's Coffee and followed by the Middle School and Academy Principal's Coffee.

Contact Information / How You can Help Us

To help us, volunteer and contribute in any way - please use the following document / form...

2016 - 2017 PTO Board Members

PTO 2016-17
Casey Gripari (  / ph. 6955.466.814  )
Jennifer Ananiadis ( / ph. 6945.806.972 )
Kalliroe Fragkou ( / ph. 6945.904.669 )
Joanna Averoff ( / ph. 6979.203.940 )
Academy Rep.:
Jennifer Ananiadis ( / ph. 6945.806.972 )
Middle School Rep.:
Sylvia Rogers ( / ph. 6931.091.511 )
Elementary School Rep.:
Natalia Dadidou ( / ph. 6945.757.917 )
U.S. Embassy Rep.:
Kirstin Schlereth ( )
IB/AP Rep.:
Christine Alargof ( / ph. 6937.200.704 )
Social Media Coordinator:
Victoria Gontze ( / ph. 6946.481.850 )
OLP Rep.:
Angeliki Palios ( / ph. 6944.354.481 )
Community Events Coordinator:
Traci Walker ( / ph. 6946.094.079 )
Volunteer Coordinator:
Despina Giavridi ( / ph. 6947.638.898 )
News/graphics Coordinator:
Jenny Walker ( / ph. 6940.567.356 )

PTO By-Laws & Constitution

For your reference, please feel free to download the new PTO Constitution and By-Laws which were enacted in April 2007.


The PTO S.H.A.R.E newsletter web page can be reached by following this link... Please  SHARE  with us !


Furthermore, you may access the S.H.A.R.E.'s (external) blog at:


Finally, the ACS Athens PTO has a facebook page, Facebook Page - ACS ATHENS PTO .


Have a great school term and we look forward to serving the ACS Athens Community in the coming year!