Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013


We are pleased to welcome you to ACS Athens for the 7th Annual Conference on Learning Differences, Connecting the Pieces: Differentiation Strategies, Testing and Assessment, Inspiring Genius and Creativity and Social-Emotional Development, which will be held on the campus of ACS Athens on May 3-5, 2012.

This conference offers us, as a community of educators and parents, an opportunity to reaffirm our belief that as unique individuals, we learn in different ways. This year’s program will take a different form from past conferences.

Thursday and Friday will be given over entirely to four intensive two-day institutes, each focused on one of the conference strands (Differentiation Strategies, Testing and Assessment, Inspiring Genius and Creativity and Social-Emotional Development). Participants may enroll in one two-day institute for an intensive, in-depth learning experience.

Saturday will be structured as a more typical workshop day, with participants free to choose from among over 30 individual sessions. Participants may enroll in both the institute and workshop programs, or in only the institute program or only the Saturday workshop sessions.

Practitioners from around the world will share best practice and current research, acknowledging that these differences can be a source of richness in the classroom, and that instruction must address these differences so that all students can succeed.

ACS Athens is committed to implementing an inclusive, holistic American philosophy of education within an international setting. This conference is testament to the school’s commitment to promoting life-long learning and to the professional development of the community of educators.  We hope that the conference presentations and workshops will challenge you to think, question, reconsider, wonder and experiment.

We wish you a productive and enjoyable weekend of learning and discovery.


Conference Co-Chairs:

Chris Perakis Evloyia (Director, Learning Enhancement Programs), Steve Medeiros (Director, Institute for Innovation and Creativity), John Papadakis (Director of Enrollment, Communications & Technology), Peggy Pelonis (Director of Student Services)

Melina Vassiliadis
Conference Coordinator

The Security "Non-Issue"

For those of you who are concerned about the political unrest and recent rioting here in Athens, please note the following:

Most of the disturbances have been confined to the central business/government area of the city (Constitution Square and east of the square).

Our conference hotel, the Acropolis Select Hotel, is west of Constitution Square; and the historic sites around the Acropolis (including the museum) have been not been the scene of any violent protests. Downtown tourist areas have been unaffected by disturbances.

The conference venue (ACS Athens) is located far from the city center and any potential disturbances and transportation by public transport (metro, buses) as well by taxi or car are not affected by the disturbances. Don't forget that the media tend to exaggerate these events, and that the majority of protesters are peaceful therefore foreigners and tourists have never been at risk.

You can keep abreast of the situation by following the security bulletins from the Embassy of your nationality in Athens, or by visiting the English language newspaper sites, such as Kathimerini English Edition.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Wishing you an enjoyable and productive stay in our city,

The Organizing Committee

*The Institute for Innovation and Creativity is an initiative of ACS Athens.   

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