Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013


Saturday's Workshops take place on the May 10th starting at 9:00 till 16:45 with breaks throughout as needed... The sessions are grouped as follows:

  • Innovation Summit Talks : Brief talks that start off the day; ideas to think about; they take place at The Theater at ACS Athens.
  • Workshops: A diverse collection of medium length workshops

(See for details: Conference Program...)

Innovation Summit Talks - 10th May, 2014 @ 9:30 - 12:00 Presenters
i2Flex Nelson, David, M.Ed.,
Rontogiannis, Labrini, M.Ed.
Project GAIA – Student Scientists Solving Local Environmental Issues Fleischer, Stuart, Ph.D.
"Why Should I Care?" Contextualizing Science and Math in Everyday Life Through New Media and Data Journalism Graville-Smith, Cynthia, M.Ed.
Shaping the Future: Leveraging Technology to Create a Global Learning Environment Haskell, Halford W., Ph.D.
Jazz Democracy Vassilakis, Dimitris
Seeing Differently Flevotomos, Fotis, M.Phil.
Tinkering Through and With Mathematics Kynigos, Chronis, Ph.D.


Mini Institutes - 10th May, 2014 @ 13:45 - 16:45 Presenters
Best Practice Teaching Strategies for Students with ADHD » Tuckman, Ari, Psy.D., MBA »,
Zeigler Dendy, Chris, M.Sc. »
Telling a Story with Data and Visuals: Critiquing and Creating Infographics in the Classroom » Graville-Smith, Cynthia, M.Ed. »
Tinkering Through and With Mathematics - Engagement in Collective Designs and Productions » Kynigos, Chronis, Ph.D. »


Workshops - 10th May, 2014 @ 13:45 - 16:30 Presenters
Co teaching the Why, the Who and the What » Bourke, Veronica »,
Mowat, Tricia »
Developing an International Individual Learning Plan » Andrew, Alan, Ed.S. »,
Burns, Elizabeth »,
Takopoulou, Evi »
Differentiation for Students with Specific Learning Difficulties in Primary Years: Reading & Writing » Lamprou, Panagiota, Ph.D. »,
Yanneli, Panayota, Ed.D. »
Intelligent Improvisation: How to use Improvisation to Teach Skills and Boost Learning Across the Curriculum » Petroutsa, Mary, M.L.A. »
iteach2 – Students Teach Peers with Objects to Interpret and Master Learning » Dimas, Stavi, M.A. »,
Moros, Sophia, M.A. »
Science and Social Learning for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A School, Museum and Occupational Therapy Partnership Model » Horrigan, Sharon »,
Kennedy, Lesley »
Math! Is it Really Difficult? “A Thematic Approach” » Andrikopoulos, Dora »,
Katsiyianni Matina, M.Sc. »
Practical Applications of NLP in the Classroom and at Home » Boukas, Dimitrios, M.Sc. »
Response to Intervention in an International Context » Andrew, Alan, Ed.S. »,
Burns, Elizabeth »,
Takopoulou, Evi »
Seeing with the Senses... and Our Memory » Flevotomos, Fotis, M.Phil. »
The Carbon Busters Clubs Bust a Move for Science and Saving the World » Colless, Laurel »
The NESA Virtual Science Fair: the 21st Century Paradigm Shift in Science Learning » Bakoyannis, Christina, M.Ed. »,
Fleischer, Stuart, Ph.D. »
The Power of Language as an Access to Empowering Learning » Lee, James, MBA »
The Wondershop: Building Creative Thinkers in Today’s Classroom » Carlson, Ginger, M.Ed. »
Transformative Approaches to Teaching Second Language Learners with Learning Differences: A Counseling Curriculum Model for Teachers » Gouleta, Eirini, Ph.D. »
Transforming All Students into Readers and Writers through Balanced Literacy » Ackerman, Holly, M.Ed. »,
Al-Kudmani, Cheza, M.A. »