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Kindergarteners create Neighborhoods on their Bulletin Boards

Can you find the houses, shops, hospital, fire station, roads, school, and park in Ms Theodoropoulou"s Kindergarten Neighborhood?












Here are two buildings that students made for Ms. Dimas' Kindergarten Neighborhood.
     Christos Tsenes         Nicolas Demetroulis and Roman Ritenour



Kindergarteners use their building skills

The students use blocks, legos, and other toys to make many different types of buildings you might find in a neighborhood. Their building skills are quite amazing!

Sandrine Bennett, Yvette Avierino, Phurin Hempiam, Logan Hummeldorf and Colin Wilkinson work as a team to make a parking garage.






Eva Giannaki, Noa Rabinowitz, Georgia Spanoudakis, Zoe Kefala and Adrianos Botsios work as a team to make a castle.










Zoe Kefala and Angelos Kollilekas build symmetrical patterns using geometric shapes.


Kindergarteners studied Sea Creatures, Cold-Blooded Vertebrates and Animals

In one of our art projects, the students experiment with the effects of the Spring light through multi-colored tissue paper. The Kindergartners create deep sea creatures after searching through books to discover their favorite one.

Chrysana Gavrilidis makes a Purple Jellyfish









After learning about different types of cold-blooded vertebrates, the children reflect on the difference between amphibians, reptiles and fish. Then they draw and write the name of one animal from each category.

Elena Karathanassis draws three different types of Cold-Blooded Vertebrates.









Ms. Dimas’ class learn all about animals from around the world! 

Darine Sabbagh makes a zebra.


Dimitris Roussos paints a Beautiful Flower Pot for his mother for Mother's Day!


Ioanna Pantazis makes a Valentine for her class