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Arts Academy

The Institute of Innovation and Creativity (IIC) offers a wide range of specialized programs for students in Elementary, Middle School and High School (Academy).

The programs (termed IIC Arts Academy) aim at educating and enriching students' specialized interests and help them develop creatively these aspects of their personalities not typically addressed by school curricula.

Program areas include, Ballet, Hip Hop / Jazz Dancing, Yoga lessons; or specialized Workshops (in music, cooking, sculpture), exposure to Spanish, Chinese and other cultures through music and language, etc.

Current schedules and/or indicative details of past programs about the IIC Arts Academies can be found below:



Past Program!!  New Programs TBA...

For 2014 - 2015, the IIC offers two innovative Humanities programs for Academy students, that combine online, as well as field studies and research called :

Additionally, the IIC in partnership with leading local educational & cultural institutions AKTO and Hellenic American University (HAU) offers specialized college and professional courses...