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IB Results 2010

From the Office of the Director of the IB Program, Ms. Julia Tokatlidou:

It is with pride that I announce the  official IB results for the May examination session. 15.15% of our diploma students scored above 40. The highest grade was 42.

The average IB score for those who passed their diploma was 33.  From the 36 diploma students 3 were atypical students and are not considered in the statistics while only 2 students did not receive their diploma.  All of the above statistics are subject to change as 5 of our students have requested re-marking for some of their IB exams.

Our school allows many non- diploma students to register as IB certificate students in order to obtain the ACS High School Diploma. This makes the evaluation of the results for each subject with respect to the world average, important in accessing the performance of   the IB Diploma program at ACS Athens. 

In summary, our IB students scored well above the world average in 25 out of the 33 subjects offered.

Click below to download the detailed IB Subject-School Report.