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Fourth Graders make games to raise awareness about the Caretta-Carretta

This year, the Turtle Club members made games in order to raise awareness for the Caretta-Caretta Sea Turtle. Each game focused on the Sea Turtle's journey. The club shared the games with the 3rd graders and with the public on World Turtle Day at the Archelon Rescue Center.










The members also kept a journal of the things that they had learned about Caretta-Caretta Sea Turtles!


Fourth Graders use Bloom Balls to learn about Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom Balls are an effective way for students to creatively use Blooms taxonomy. The student's had to read a novel and then use a set of guidelines to create and decorate their Bloom Balls. Some of the activities included writing a summary, creating a new ending, and drawing the setting of the story that they had read.

Nestor MacDonald uses the Bloom Ball to tell us about Philip Ardagh's book "Dreadful Acts".


















Katja Domljanovic uses the Bloom Ball to tell us about Roald Dahl's book "The Witches".



Philippos Antonopoulos re-enacts the Marathon Battle

Philippos Antonopoulos, re-enacts the Marathon battle, for Greek language class...

Watch the video clip, below:


Marilina Bitsikas and Anna Louise Emery talk about the battle in Thermopylae

Marilina Bitsikas and Anna Louise Emery discuss the battle at Thermopylae for their Greek language class.

Watch the video clip, below:


Ali Mohamad and Hannah Schrockenfuchs write Spooky stories

For Halloween, fourth graders were asked to write a Spooky Story. Each student focused on proper sentence structure, paragraph formation and punctuation. Similarly, as they created their monster, they were to use similes to describe them from the figurative language lesson. We had fun sharing the stories in class! These two stories are by Ali Mohamad and Hannah Schrockenfuchs.

Ali Mohamad
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Hannah Schrockenfuchs