Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013

Foreign Languages

Dr. Tonia Firigou

Foreign Languages Coordinator

Dr. Tonia Firigou is a foreign Language Teacher (French) and the Coordinator of Foreign Languages. She earned a Bachelor’s in French Literature from the Greek Capodistrian University of Athens and in 2008 she received her master's degree in the History of French Civilization again from the Capodistrian University of Athens. Dr. Firigou defended successfully her doctorate thesis in History of French Civilization on July 2012 and received her doctoral degree. The thesis title was “Antonin Proust et son voyage en Grèce”.

She has been working in the ACS faculty community since 1999 and has taught both in Middle School and High School. She is an IB teacher and an IB examiner in French language.

For many years, she has been the advisor of the High school French Club. She has established different educational collaborations between ACS Athens and other institutions worldwide. She is a life-long learner and she always strives for better results.