Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013

College Acceptances

(July 2018)

Dear Parents,

Today, more than ever, college acceptance has become more complex. Many factors are considered, but the central focus must remain on which college or university is best for the individual student. One must look at what the individual educational interests of the students are, his/her strengths, desires and dreams and also the important logistics such as location of the institution, tuition, available scholarships and financial aid.

Our faculty, counselors, college advisor and administration work together with our students to identify and accomplish the optimal match between students and their college education.

I am proud to share with you the results of this effort by including the list of colleges and universities that our 2018 graduates have been admitted to. The results reflect the collective efforts of all of us at ACS Athens.

Thank you for entrusting us with the college preparation of your children.


Stefanos Gialamas Ph.D.