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Bridges: the official ACS Athens podcast

Connecting generations, people and ideas! Highlighting relationships! 

Promoting Innovation & Practice! Showcasing aspirations, possibilities & accomplishments! 

Connecting ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

Bridging education with personal achievements! 

Building foundations for the citizens of tomorrow!

Featuring personalities from all walks of life that may have an impact on how students perceive their environment, keep their dreams alive, strive for excellence, as they become responsible global citizens.

An ACS Athens audio production. Produced by: Peggy Pelonis & John Papadakis. Production Team includes members of the Honor Code Committee and the Executive Student Council of ACS Athens Academy.

This is a media production based on an idea by Veroniki Mylonopoulou and Evanthia Anastopoulou (Class of 2013).

How To Listen To The Podcast 

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  • Listen directly from our page below by clicking on the podcast

#1: Young Adult Literature author Meredith Zeitlin

Young adult literature author Meredith Zeitlin visits ACS Athens, during her trip to Athens and Crete. Ms. Zeitlin talks with students as young as 8th graders, who are interested in the job of an author. She's visiting Greece promoting her book "Freshman year and other unnatural disasters" and doing research for her upcoming new book, set to take place in Greece. Her experiences during her visit are both enlightening and hilarious.


Interviewed by: Peggy Pelonis, Alex Vassiliadis


Bridges Podcast #1: Meredith Zeitlin